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    Welcome to the Elicor Awakenings blog. I hope you enjoy these inspired vignettes from the Angelic Realms. May they be fun reminders to help you create your best life.


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    October 1, 2018
    I use my Higher Vision, Medical Empathic skills, and Vibrational Energies of Light to help you...
    I use Higher Vision, Medical Empathic skills, and Vibrational Energies of Light to help you...
    I use my Higher Vision, Medical Empathic abilities, and Vibrational Energies of Light to help you...
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  • I use Higher Vision, Medical Empathic skills, and Vibrational Energies to help you reach special talents and gifts, gain more clarity for your unique Divine Soul plan, and clear energy blocks so that you can create the life that you want.

    $40.00 for a 30-minute session

    $70.00 for a 60-minute session


    If You:

    • Want to reach the fullness of who you are and what you've come to do
    • Sense a greater purpose and special gifts but don't know how to access them
    • Are on your Higher path and want to accelerate manifesting it

    Please call for a free consultation to see if a session is right for you.





    Nancy Robinson





    P. O. Box 151021, Arlington, TX 76015


    New Crystal Skull energy activations also available.


    Published Articles:


    "Catching and Keeping a Unicorn (and Your Dreams)"

    Indigo Sun


    "Magic and Miracles, Rainbows and Unicorns"

    Sedona Journal and Indigo Sun


    "Recalibrate for Your Divine Destiny"


    "Making Changes"

    Indigo Sun


    "Are You Ready if Something Happens on the Way to Heaven?"

    Indigo Sun and Kindred Spirit Magazine

  • Vibrational Energies


    My vibrational healing process helps you access transformational energies that clear on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels which helps you create changes in your life.

  • The Process

    Sessions may be scheduled for a 30-minute or 60-minute appointment.


    The Process:


    Coaching-We start by discussing what you want and what you are ready to release and change.


    The Vibrational Energies-As the healing work begins, I help activate vibrational energies which clear and realign blocked areas. I "talk to" and communicate with you on an intuitive level. This actually guides and directs our session and lets me know what you are ready to clear. The transformational energies help you release blocks and bring forward new abilities and talents which enables you to make new choices and changes in your life.


    Results-After a session, clients have reported feeling:

    • More balanced, centered, aligned and peaceful
    • Able to make changes and take new directions
    • Make clearer choices to create what they've wanted

    I also send a short personalized meditation after each session.


  • My Story


    In my twenties, I recognized that I had abilities for sensing energies that was different. I was fortunate to be mentored by others who helped me realize that I could use these abilities to help others.


    The vibrational energies that I work with help you clear on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels so that you are able to bring forward new talents and abilities, address a body-physical condition, and/or remove blocks ready to be released.


    I also include my experience of over 15 years as a professional Career Coach and Training and Placement Specialist to assist you. I've worked with over 1,000 clients with job search and career exploration. I combine this expertise and practical strategies with my metaphysical abilities to assist you in creating your best life.


    Healing systems and modalities that I've worked with include:

    • Awakenings and Third level Reiki
    • Published inspired spiritual writing and articles
    • Essential Energy Balancing Teacher

    • Awakening Your Light Body/Advanced Courses

    • Crystal Skull Energy activations and gridding


  • Shop Now

    Session Payment



    If this information intrigues and excites you,

    if you somehow just "know" that this is an answer for you,

    I am available to schedule a session with you. 







    Voicemail or Text:






    Mailing Address:

    P. O. Box 151021

    Arlington, TX 76015


  • Please feel free to contact me for information or comments:

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